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Mark Kilham

An independent financial advisor (IFA) with a specialization in wealth management, retirement planning, and international frozen pension advise.

Mr. Kilham currently works and lives in Munich, Germany, offering his clients critical financial solutions to help them take control of their financial futures and achieve their short-term and long-term goals.

Mark found his passion for investing when he was just a 17-year-old in a South African high school Accounting class. Mark’s accounting teacher proved to be incredibly influential — Mark immediately grew fascinated by the material and graduated at the top of his class.


But before graduation, that same teacher enrolled his Accounting students in a country-wide mock investing competition. The target was to achieve the highest growth of a R1 million cash portfolio through investment on the stock market. At the end of the competition, Mark’s team was so successful that they placed first in the country. They were flown to JSE, Johannesburg Stock Exchange, — and Mark placed his R5,500 prize money in a trust fund to accrue over time.

It was only when Mark began studying Finance at Rhodes University that he started to understand the financial markets enough to invest his money in mutual funds. Encouraged by an astounding 300% growth, Mark reinvested the money and grew even more interested in the possibilities that the financial field held for consistent growth and financial security. The 2008 financial crisis was a shocker, but it served as a sobering and valuable learning experience for Mark during those formative years.


Early Career

After his final year at Rhodes, Mark drew out his money, got a skipper’s license, and left for Europe. Soon after, Mark was approached by a successful financial consultant who took him under his wing and helped him network in France and Belgium. This gave Mark the jumpstart he needed to engage with the international clients and expats who needed him most. As an expatriate himself, Mark works primarily with international professionals to get them the financial security they need while abroad.

Mr. Kilham’s passion for wealth management was sparked from that early High School competition, but he remains steadfastly dedicated to his career to this day. Over the last several years, Mr. Kilham has earned a reputation for his remarkable intellect, his superior work ethic, and his motivation to help his clients day in and day out. His continued passion comes from the difference he makes in his clients’ lives every day.

“It’s scary how ill-advised people are before they meet with a professional. The monetary gap between people who retire with a smart financial plan and those who don’t is enormous. The happiness and security I can provide for these people makes me proud to be a financial advisor.”

– Mark Kilham

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